10 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

10 secrets of people who always have a clean home tidy havens cleaning service Boston
✔️ 1 – They have as minimum stuff as possible.
They get rid of whatever they know they will never use again or donate.
✔️ 2 – Storages everywhere.
They go for furniture with storage and have strategically placed multiple drawer organizers, storage organizers, baskets, and bins in all closets, under the sink, kitchen cabinets, pantry, over the door hooks, hall trees to hang stuff, etc.
✔️ 3 – They have a convenient cleaning station.
They have a place for all cleaning supplies and tools to be easily accessible whenever needed.
✔️ 4 – They have multiple trash bins.
In the rooms, office, etc. So they won’t leave trash throughout the home.
✔️ 5 – Laundry baskets.
They have baskets for the dirty and also for the clean ones, so they’ll never have to pick up clothes throughout the bedroom.
✔️ 6 – Unloaded dishwasher.
They always keep their dishwasher unloaded so as not to leave dishes in the sink.
✔️ 7 – Quick touch-up.
They wipe the kitchen countertops, stove, and floor after each use. Keeping a broom in the kitchen pantry is very handy.
✔️ 8 – The annoying bed-making.
They are good at making their bed every morning, which changes the whole environment. A bed made makes your bedroom look so organized. Also, folding the sofa throw blankets and organizing the throw pillows makes the room look much better.
✔️ 9 – No shoes.
They don’t walk in with shoes on and have a place for them right at the door—no shoes on the way.
✔️ 10 – Home cleaning services.
They have a cleaning service doing a thorough, detailed cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep the home fresh and safe.
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