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Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Boston, MA Move in, move out cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

🚛 Moving out? We can get your home so clean that it’ll look like no one was living there.   📦 Moving in? Let’s get your home fresh and free of germs for a new start.   – Bathroom deep cleaning (toilet, sink, shower, and faucets disinfecting)   – Kitchen deep cleaning (Fridge inside + […]
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Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Boston, MA Deep cleaning , house cleaning service

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Quality of life starts from the inside. Keeping your home clean and organized gives you incredible mental stability and strength to strive for your goals. A clean home can improve your mood and help you focus on the most important things. No matter what page you are in life: career, studies, parenting, exercising… A clean […]
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Tidy Havens Cleaning service Boston Massachusetts Deep Cleaning House cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Secrets

Stick to good cleaning supplies and tools. No crazy hacks. You will need the following: extendable duster microfiber cleaning cloths eraser sponge iron sponge oven cleaner all-purpose cleaner granite cleaner (if applicable) glass cleaners stainless steel cleaner bleach powder ✨ Start by dusting any ceiling fans if you have any and the top of cabinets, […]
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Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Boston, MA How to Dust Thoroughly

How to Dust Thoroughly

You will need the following: ✔️ microfiber cleaning cloth ✔️ duster ✔️ extendable duster ✔️ multisurface cleaner   ✨ Extendable duster Start by dusting the ✔️ ceiling fans ✔️ cobwebs ✔️ tops of doors, windows, and pictures ✔️ door frames ✔️ baseboards ✔️ behind furniture and anywhere else you can’t reach with your regular duster […]
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Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Boston, MA

2023 Cleanliness Goals

🫧✨ We can help you with your new cleaning goals for 2023. Get in touch if you want no more 🙅‍♀️: ❌ piles of unfolded laundry for weeks ❌ piles of unwashed dishes ❌ random things on your office desk ❌ unchanged sheets for weeks or months ❌ shower black and pink mold ❌ toys […]
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Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Deep Cleaning Boston Massachusetts

Deep Cleaning Tips

First, stick to good cleaning supplies and tools. No crazy hacks. ⭐️Start by organizing ✔️Pick up clothes ✔️Fold laundry ✔️Place things where they should be (random clutter, toys) ✔️Change sheets, and make beds ✔️Get rid of clutter ✔️Clear up the top of nightstands, tables, desks ✔️Pull out anything from under the beds ✔️Change bathroom towels, […]
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10 secrets of people who always have a clean home tidy havens cleaning service Boston

10 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

🧽🫧✨   ✔️ 1 – They have as minimum stuff as possible. They get rid of whatever they know they will never use again or donate.   ✔️ 2 – Storages everywhere. They go for furniture with storage and have strategically placed multiple drawer organizers, storage organizers, baskets, and bins in all closets, under the […]
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The Ultimate Cleaning Tools List

🫧✨ Do you get stressed just by thinking about cleaning your home? 🤯 Don’t know how to start? In our experience, the organization is key when it comes to cleaning. Keeping an organized cleaning kit can help you have everything accessible, so you don’t feel like cleaning is so hard. Also, play your favorite band […]
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Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist

Preparing the home in advance is key before Thanksgiving. The closer we get to Thursday, the busier we get. On that morning, you will mainly be focused on the food and receiving guests, and you don't want your family and friends to think that you are messy, do you? So, here go some tips to help you be on top of the cleaning before the holiday.
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