Deep Cleaning Tips

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First, stick to good cleaning supplies and tools. No crazy hacks.

⭐️Start by organizing
✔️Pick up clothes
✔️Fold laundry
✔️Place things where they should be (random clutter, toys)
✔️Change sheets, and make beds
✔️Get rid of clutter
✔️Clear up the top of nightstands, tables, desks
✔️Pull out anything from under the beds
✔️Change bathroom towels, rugs, and kitchen cloths
✔️Pick up any rooms’ and bathrooms’ trash
✔️Take all the garbage out
✔️Fold the sofa’s throw blankets
✔️Do the dishes

If you want to be as practical as possible, do the kitchen after organizing, so you can vacuum the home all at once since dirt will mostly fall from the counters to the floor.
✔️If you are going to clean inside the cabinets, that’s where you should start. If not…
✔️Start from the fridge or oven, as you need to place what’s inside on the counters. So, it makes no sense to clean them first.
✔️Use a good all-purpose spray and wipe inside the freezer and fridge. Remove the drawers to wash under and inside.
✔️Use a good oven cleaner and wash the oven grills as well.
✔️Wipe outside the cabinets.
✔️Wash the countertops, sink, walls, and baseboards.
✔️Good degreaser for the exhaust.

The bathroom also accumulates a lot of dust.
✔️Wash cosmetics bottles if necessary.
✔️Dust door frames, baseboards, and behind and under the toilet.
✔️Use an eraser sponge and brush where the mold and mildew are hard to wash.

You will need:
✔️ multi-surface cleaner
✔️microfiber cloth
✔️extendable duster

Start from the cobwebs, baseboards, behind and under furniture, ceiling fans, door handles/frames, and windows inside.

Move all objects, dust them and finish with a damp cloth.

⭐️Finish with vacuuming and mopping
Remember to vacuum under your couch cushions and mop the floor with your favorite cleaner and scent.

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