How to Dust Thoroughly

Tidy Havens Cleaning Service Boston, MA How to Dust Thoroughly
You will need the following:
✔️ microfiber cleaning cloth
✔️ duster
✔️ extendable duster
✔️ multisurface cleaner
✨ Extendable duster
Start by dusting the
✔️ ceiling fans
✔️ cobwebs
✔️ tops of doors, windows, and pictures
✔️ door frames
✔️ baseboards
✔️ behind furniture
and anywhere else you can’t reach with your regular duster or vacuum.
✨ Regular duster
Use your duster to eliminate all accumulated heavy dust from furniture and objects. Make sure to move absolutely everything to dust behind and under.
✨ Now, the details
Repeat the process now with your damp microfiber cloth and multisurface cleaner. You will get rid of the thinner dust and leave all surfaces smooth. You can feel the difference while touching them. It’s no longer sticky like before using the damp cloth. You can finish with one more round of dusting with the duster if there is still any thin dust left behind after the surfaces are dry.
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