Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist

Preparing the home in advance is key before Thanksgiving. The closer we get to Thursday, the busier we get.

On that morning, you will mainly be focused on the food and receiving guests, and you don’t want your family and friends to think that you are messy, do you?

So, here go some tips to help you be on top of the cleaning before the holiday.

Start two weeks earlier

  •  Clean up outside the house if needed; tidy up the yard
  •  Clean up any closets that your guests may use
  •  Declutter any areas that you don’t want your guests to see

One week before

  •  Clean the oven inside to bake your special turkey
  •  Clean up the fridge and open up space for the holiday food
  •  Dust the house thoroughly, do the basic vacuuming, mopping and check for cobwebs
  •  Clean up the bathrooms thoroughly. Remember the baseboards, door frames, and mirrors.
  •  Change any bedding that your guests may use.

The Day Before

  •  Stock the bathrooms with paper
  •  Fresh towels
  •  Clear up countertops
  •  Wipe the stovetop
  •  Unload the dishwasher
  •  Do a light organization
  •  Take out the trash
  •  Use scented candles to make your home smell fresher

All done! Now that you have done the cleaning ahead of time, it’s time to relax and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends without worrying about what they might think of your home. You will probably get compliments on how organized your home is. Isn’t that wonderful?

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