The Ultimate Cleaning Tools List

🫧✨ Do you get stressed just by thinking about cleaning your home? 🤯 Don’t know how to start? In our experience, the organization is key when it comes to cleaning.

Keeping an organized cleaning kit can help you have everything accessible, so you don’t feel like cleaning is so hard. Also, play your favorite band to make it even more fun. 💃

🧽🧹🪣 Here is our 18 ultimate cleaning items list:

1 – Bucket
✔️ A bucket or an organizer bag to keep all your cleaning tools and supplies in one place to make it more practical and accessible.

2 – Mop
✔️ There are many types of mops. Don’t go for crazy mops that you see in ads. Instead, stick to the one that you feel comfortable using.

3 – A good vacuum and extension cord
✔️ Don’t go for crazy vacuums, either. Instead, stick to the one that makes vacuuming easy for you and an extension cord so you can reach all parts of your home.

4 – Good cleaning cloths
✔️ Avoid ripped shirts or smelly, dirty rags. Those make cleaning feel even more unpleasant. Microfiber cleaning cloths are the most efficient and durable. You can machine wash them after every use, and they’ll still last a long time.

5 – Paper towel
✔️ Avoid using cloths to clean the toilet and sink. Those make it more difficult, unpleasant, and take longer.

6 – Trash bags
✔️ Always have a trash bag on you while you’re cleaning. There’s always something to be thrown away without taking many trips to the trash can.

7 – Toilet brush
✔️ Keep a good brush near all toilets in your home.

8 – Shower brush
✔️ A nice small brush that reaches all corners of the shower and sinks to eliminate that black and pink mold. Those are fungi, by the way.

9 – Multiple sponges
✔️ A pack of sponges to avoid cross-contamination, and you can use different ones for different areas—one for the kitchen, one for the shower, one for the sink, etc.

10 – Eraser sponges
✔️ Eraser sponges are essential for sticky showers and shower glass doors, burnt stove tops, and scratches or stains on the wall (be gentle while scrubbing the walls). For example, have you ever seen a shower glass door that won’t get clear no matter how much you wash it? The eraser sponge with clean-up bleach will do the job (clean-up bleach, not the laundry one).

11 – Oven cleaner
✔️ You don’t want to suffer washing a burnet stovetop with dish soap only. Get a good oven cleaner, spray and leave it for 5 minutes and scrub it. Remember to wear gloves every time you deal with those. They are highly corrosive and can hurt your hands. Also, be careful not to accidentally spray it on stainless steel or any other oven parts. Apply the product to the cooktop only.

12 – Iron sponge
✔️ An iron sponge to eliminate any residues that won’t come out with an over cleaner or eraser sponge.

13 – Cleaning scraper
✔️ A cleaning scraper for electric flat cooktops with burnt residues that won’t come out with any of the options above.

14 – Duster
✔️ Always dust with a duster and clean with a damp cleaning cloth after. These two allied methods will eliminate all dust in your home and leave everything so fresh.

15 – Extendable duster
✔️ An extendable duster is essential to clean reach cobwebs, baseboards, behind and under furniture, ceiling fans, tall blinds, tops of doors, tops of windows, and pictures.

16 – Gloves
✔️ Have gloves and change them whenever necessary while cleaning.

17 – Masks
✔️ Make sure to wear a mask when spraying products or dusting.

18 – Cleaning bowl
✔️ A little cleaning bowl to mix supplies with water whenever needed.

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